The International Oncology Leadership Conference (IOLC) brings together Oncology Administrators, Oncologists, Administrative Managers, Business Operations Managers, Chief Administrative Officers, Chief Nursing Officers, Clinical Administrators, Radiation Oncology Managers, Patient Navigators & Service Line Directors from all around the world to discuss best practices and current topics in the field.

Here are few topics that were discussed at the 1st IOLC held in London November 2017. We look forward to sharing the iolc 2018 agenda soon!

  • Innovations in Technology

  • Personalized Medicine & Genomics

  • Innovations in Staffing

  • Regulatory Structures and Issues

  • Data Acquisitions

  • Global Health Populations

  • Cost of Care

  • Population Health

  • Oncology Service Line Management

  • Cancer treatment in the 21st Century

  • Tackling Access, Quality, and the Cost of Cancer Care Internationally

  • Clinical Research & Trials

  • Big Data to Better Cancer Care